Certain Skin Problems Common Among Sports Enthusiasts

Certain Skin Problems Common Among Sports Enthusiasts

As sports enthusiasts get caught up in their games, there are certain skin issues that can catch up with them. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) there are, specifically, five skin conditions most often seen in athletes. The first is blisters. A blister is a small bubble on the skin filled with serum and is caused by friction, burning, or other damage. While most blisters will heal on their own, some may need help in healing. DAOPM suggests keeping the area clean, with soap and water, and covering the wound when it is in contact with shoes or equipment. Turf burn, abrasions from falling on an artificial surface, is the second condition. As many athletic events occur on artificial turf, even lawns and other surfaces can cause abrasions. Whether it happens during a championship or backyard pick-up game, turf burn can disrupt an athlete’s skin. We suggest keeping the wound clean and applying Vaseline to protect and moisturize the skin. Another common skin condition listed is athlete’s foot. The majority of athletes can likely attest to this being a problem. Sweating and not able to cleanse feet or change socks can take a toll on a person’s foot. Athlete’s foot is acquired because fungus grows best in warm, wet places, in between toes for example, and can be spread easily. People most often get athlete’s foot when walking barefoot near contaminated surfaces such as swimming pool decks or in locker rooms. Keeping feet clean and dry will stave off the problem, but, once you have it, treating it as soon as possible with a topical drying powder or antifungal cream or soap will be key in healing it. Athletes tend to play outside most of the time, and even more during the summer months, so sun exposure is another skin condition frequently seen in athletes. Sun exposure is the main cause of skin cancers so we can’t stress enough the importance of applying sunscreen. The final condition was a type of acne called acne mechanica. This type of acnes is caused by repetitive physical trauma to the skin such as rubbing from clothing (belts or straps) or sports equipment (football helmets and shoulder pads). If you believe you have acne mechanica, give us a call and we can treat it with you.

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